The Still Life Course - Materials List

Este will be using the materials below for all of the projects and demos:



  • GOLDEN’S FLUID Principal set of 10 30ml (1oz) bottles. (Please note this is not the set with smaller, not high flow, not regular acrylics) Link

  • One 30ml (1oz) container of GOLDEN Nickel Azo yellow  fluid. Link

  • Optional: One extra 1oz or bigger bottle of GOLDEN white fluid, as back up if you run out, or like to use more pastel colours. 

  • GOLDEN Matte medium 236ml container (NOT matte fluid medium) Link

  • GOLDEN Soft gel SEMI GLOSS (NOT gloss) Link

  • GOLDEN Acrylic ground for pastels.  This will be used as ground for painting on instead of gesso. Link



  • Suitable for acrylic painting, not too stiff (not hog hair) If in doubt, then pick brushes that look closer to watercolour brushes. 

  • A medium fan brush, a medium flat brush, a sword or angled brush and a regular pointed brush will be used for the projects.  A comb brush and large fan brush are optional as well.  


  • A pointed metal palette knife. 

  • A craft knife and a packet of silicon wedge sponges as use for make up blending. This is regularly available at most pharmacies or look on Amazon. 

  • Tissue paper, acid free, white (not tracing paper). Tissue paper comes in large sheets, buy it online, or find in card or gift shops, it is often used for wrapping. Deli paper or parchment baking paper will work as well if tissue paper is hard to find. Paperchase offer a good option for tissue paper in small quantities.  


Drawing materials 

  • A Derwent Inktense black pencil, or Aquarelle pencil, dark  coloured, like sepia or dark brown, or paynes grey. 

  • Watercolour  paper pad or sheets of paper, 300gm thickness, not smaller than A3 size (12x16”) 

  • Sketchbook with mixed media cartridge or watercolour paper. 

  • Canvasses for painting projects. 

  • Four stretched canvasses 16”x16” (40x40xm) square. Canvas board is also fine. There are different options, best to use a professional artist quality or mid range option since the canvas is a bit finer. 


Here’s a link on the GOLDEN website indicating global resellers of the acrylic paints sets. Ordering online is probably the best option, since the sets are not sold regularly in art stores, and buying individual colours will be more expensive.  
 Ken Bromley is a UK based online company who export world wide and offer good prices.  
See the links below for examples of the materials from Jacksons Art and links to other supplies on Amazon: