Still Life Project


During Module Two the main focus for the projects were to explore paintbrush techniques, colour development and the creating of plant inspired textured sheets and leaf shapes in secondary colours.

Combining three or more colours developed a range of richer and deeper colours. Stencilling techniques were explored using leaves as inspiration as well as the actual stencil objects.

(Note: The leaves as stencil mini-projects and the observational leaf drawings will both be used in Module Three)

The collection of sheets created during Module Two is huge, and ideally suited to be used for different collage applications in addition to this still life project. The colours of Henri Rousseau’s paintings influenced the spectrum used for the still life projects for Module Two. These are just there as a guide, and you can use your own combinations as you see fit. Take a look at examples of his work here.

In addition to the focus on leaves and textures there is a demo on background colours and surface patterns using simple paper stencils. These are useful for creating elements of the still life compositions.

For the main collage project you are to create a still life artwork using a tropical houseplant in the composition. Have a look at this Pinterest board for inspiration on still life compositions and colours.


There are four examples of still life artworks in the demo videos to give ideas and guidance. With the rich textures and interesting leaf designs, the compositions for the collages are best kept simple and uncomplicated. Focus on how colour is used, balance and size of vase or container versus plant. Plan the collage before you stick the components down. Take note of the colours of layers that will be on top of one another. Either cut out sections where it impacts on colour, or paint the reverse side white.

Add elements as you see fit, such as decoration on top of the vase or tablecloth. Floral shapes can be used for this purpose, do not add flowers to the plants for the first collages - keep the focus on tropical houseplants as main element.

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