Introduction to Materials


Here's the list of the materials used in Flower Collage. In the coming days there will be more information about the different processes and detail about materials used, but I'd like to walk through the list before we start. There are two videos, one about paint brushes and the other an introduction to paint medium and how it is used for creating collages and as an aid to painting techniques.

Materials Explained

Golden High Flow acrylic paint 2oz (30ml) basic set of ten opaque colours

This paint set is central to the course: developing a broad range of colours is possible with this very versatile paint. High flow behaves like ink and can be used to create watercolour effects. It is highly concentrated and when mixed with matte (or other) paint medium or gel it will behave more like a regular acrylic paint. Drawing with high flow is done using a dip pen.

Golden Matte painting medium 237ml

This medium is used extensively in the collage course. It is a polymer liquid, it looks milky when wet and dries to a clear matte finish. Matte medium is used instead of glue when creating collages. It is not like PVA glue, but by covering the paper and tissue paper sections it creates a uniform layer. This medium is also used as painting medium, to achieve translucency on the tissue paper sheets, and for painting and shading on top of the collages.

Deli paper

A very important component to the course, I use deli paper as well as tissue paper, but the 10”x10” sizes are ideal for the creation of suitable coloured sheets for layering and collaging. Wet strength tissue paper can be used as an alternative as well. Take a look at this video.


Cartridge or watercolour paper in large size. The paper should be suitable for water-based medium.


Thick (300gm) quality watercolour sheets x12 or watercolour paper pad size A3 or larger, around 12”x16”. Both sketchbooks and additional sheets of paper are used for mini-projects, drawings, experimenting, colour research etc.


Please look at the video where I demonstrate their functions.

Carbon copy paper

Black x 5-10 sheets. Please note, NOT GRAPHITE OR TRANSFER PAPER. The purpose is mainly as drawing and mark making material. This will be demonstrated in later videos.

General art materials

  • Graphite pencils, felt tip pen and black pigment ink fine liners. Masking tape. Craft knife (not too big). Optional rotary cutter and cutting matt. There will be a video demonstrating cutting with rotary cutters and scissors.

  • Regular colour pencils, nothing special needed. Include white and black.

  • Crayons, basic set.

  • Dip pen with own choice of nibs (for dipping into ink to draw). There will be a demonstration video about this as well.

  • White gel pen (Sakura or similar)

  • Interior and fashion Magazine to obtain small sections of coloured paper.

  • Large white padded bubble wrap plastic envelope. Search ‘Mail Lite’ for a suitable brand. This is used to paint on.

  • A foam plastic (waterproof, flexible, wipeable) sheet might be suitable to use as surface to paint deli sheets on.

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