Geometric Patterns


Creating textures and patterns to use for this module’s collages is what today’s project is about. In addition to the masking fluid project where textures and patterns were created in colour, this project will explore the creation of geometric patterns by means of drawings and marks made with carbon paper on deli paper.

Using capital letters as the starting point for geometric shapes and patterns offers a way to adapt the basic circle, square, triangle, rectangle and related shapes in different ways. It helps to make the creative process flow a bit easier when the letters are joined up, used sideways or in a more organically drawn way.


Start by doodling capital letter shapes in your sketchbook, Use these basic shapes in repeat to see the texture or pattern that it creates. When you have tried this with a number of letters from the alphabet, do the same on deli paper using carbon paper and a pencil to create the patterns in duplicate.

You can adapt the geometric patterns to suit your style and way of drawing. The letters are just used as starting point; use it to see what shapes evolve from it. You can experiment further with these patterns if you enjoy the process.

The patterns and textures will be used in this module’s retro collage projects to add texture and variety alongside the complimentary colours. Take a look at this Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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