Drawing Roses

'Take time to smell the roses' - Proverb


Observational drawings are always helpful to focus on a topic, and this week we will be creating collages with rose flowers focus.

These will be quite stylized as they are in the Arts and Crafts decorative style, but it is helpful to do some observational drawings of these flowers if you can. If you do not have any roses on hand, then draw some flowers that have more petals than the simple flower shapes used in Module One: ranunculus, peonies, zinnias, dahlias and others are all suitable.

Here is a link to some examples and beautiful colours too!

The art and designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret MacDonald were groundbreaking and one of the major influences of the arts and crafts movement. More on this later! I created a board of Rennie Mackintosh’s beautiful botanical drawings, have a look at the way he rendered and used colour in these artworks.


Create a few drawings of roses and their leaves (or an alternative flower).

Use a pencil or dip pen. In the video I used a mixture of pthalo blue, azo gold and a tiny drop of black to create a charcoal blue colour. It is important to draw what you see, do not be too concerned about it looking perfect.

Drawing from life is also good to develop your style because you are not looking at something that has already been developed or altered by someone else's vision. If you like to use the ink diluted as a colour wash, the colour combination I mentioned will give you a soft blue green colour.

Flower drawings will form part of this week’s collage projects using carbon paper, pencil and ink lines. More on that later in this Module.

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