Drawing Retro Flowers


The fourth and last module of this course starts of with a drawing project focusing on using CAPITAL letter shapes. Similar to the first project from Module One, you will be creating templates to be used as components of the drawings, as flowers, stems and leaves.


Start off by writing out the alphabet in capital letters. The size of the letters should not be too small, an inch (22.5mm) or larger. Don't make the letters too large either - two inches in height is too large.

Experiment with the letter drawings to create different forms that will be suitable as leaves and petal shapes. Distort letter shapes or look at ways to make them more interesting as enclosed shapes. Use your imagination as inspiration and draw a few samples of each letter if you like, not just one outcome.

Once you have drawn enough letter shapes you can cut them out and create the templates for drawings.

The templates are used to draw simple flower shapes, including leaves linked up with stems. Play around with the template - use them in different combinations and ways to explore options for plant shapes. Retro flower designs pre-1970 is the inspiration for the drawings.

By turning the template around you can create the mirror image for the drawings. The templates are the basic components of the drawings, but you can adjust them as you see fit. Add lines and details and combine the templates to create interesting shapes.

Create flower drawings viewed both from the top as well as the side. In addition to the drawings on paper, you can do carbon copy drawings similar to techniques in Module Three. This is a technique to draw in duplicate and mirror image, and might help to develop creative outcomes. Have a look at the Pinterest board for ideas.

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