Complimentary Colour Collages


Before creating the final collage project that incorporates complimentary colours, stamp marks and paintbrush techniques on deli sheets, there are two smaller projects exploring complimentary colours.


The first project is a round collage, created with sheets of stamped geometric shapes in contrasting complimentary colours. The round artwork is about dinner plate size. Use two deli sheets in complimentary colours to create the background. Cut out a flower shape based on your letter inspired drawings in one of the colours, incorporating stamped shapes and textures.

Plan a composition where you use the contrasting colours on each half; be mindful of how the background colour might affect the subsequent collage layer. The aim is to create a simple arrangement using the two colours in balance.

The second project is another simple composition where you draw a letter inspired flower with the carbon paper technique and create two outcomes using the complimentary colours as foreground and background colour.

You will need deli sheets in complimentary colours, water colour paper and a soft pencil, HB or softer, and carbon copy paper. In the demo I used yellow and purple as contrasting colours. See the video for instructions on the process of transferring pencil marks onto the deli sheets and the process of creating flower shapes and background colours, masking off areas and the building up of colour ranges. The focus is on using only the two complimentary colours with pencil marks for additional detail in the collages.

A third project incorporating more elements and a more elaborate composition will be released after the weekend. It is important to do these projects first, and take your time to work with the limitations and specifics of complimentary colours collages.

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