Brush Marks in Greens


Today we're looking at using the paintbrushes to create marks and textures in more detail, using different shades of green as the paint colour. The focus is on expanding the range of greens to create deeper and darker shades using tiny amounts of black to tint the colours.

In Module One’s Brush Mark demo, a basic explanation of the techniques can be seen and today’s project is building on that, using a limited selection of colours. We’ll be using a selection of brushes to create shapes that will be useful to the focus on leaves in particular.

The brush marks are to be painted onto the deli (tissue) paper - these will be used in collages later in the week. After working with the full spectrum of colour mixes in Module One’s artwork, this week’s colour selection is more limited. The basic green colours are expanded in this exercise.

Using the pointed, flat, comb, sword, angled and fan brushes, a variety of marks and lines are created on the deli sheets. Along with the more uniform painted colour sheets done in Module One, the addition of texture and marks on the collage papers offer more interesting choices, with options to plan components and compositions for the artworks in detail, offering greater variety.

By just using ranges of green as colour for this project, one can concentrate on experimenting with ways to make a wider spectrum of a specific colour, keeping the focus on brush marks techniques.


Please view the video for details to create the different marks. Use colours in mixes starting off with just a few drops and mix it on the paper to be painted.

It is very important to use the Matte medium for this project. The deli sheets are covered with a thin layer of matte medium to make a surface more suitable for mark making. Leave the surface a little damp in order to interact better with the brush marks. Do not use too much Matte medium though - only a very thin layer on the deli sheets is required. I used a fan brush to apply the medium.

Create at least six different colours of green during this mini-project. Do not use white in the mix as pastel colours will be explored in Module Three next week.

Leave the sheets to dry. They will be used later in this Module.

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