Welcome to Flower Collage


Welcome to the first Explore Colour course of 2019, Flower Collage. Here’s more information about the different modules of the course and what we'll be covering when. All projects and their associated videos will be accessible from this this webpage only.

  • Projects will be released at 9am GMT daily from 4 March, apart from Sundays: these are reserved for catching up.

  • Please make sure you've joined the Facebook closed group.

Module One (4-7 March)

Basic colours and simple shapes used to create different florals.

  • The Basics. Materials used on the Course.

  • Brushes.

  • Paint and Medium

  • Finding Colours

  • Mixing Colours: The Primary Spectrum and Alternatives

  • A Vocabulary of Shapes

  • Drawing Simple Flower Shapes

  • Flower Collage Explore

On 4 March the first mini-projects will be released with background focussed on creating coloured tissue sheets and the drawing components to be used in the course. It is important to take time to do these since they are a central aspect of Flower Collage.

These build up to the first project: A Cascade of Colourful Flowers inspired by Millefiori glass beads and Matyó embroidery.

Over the weekend of 9 March there will be a live session on the Facebook group page covering any questions around materials when I do the first demo of Module One's project. Lookout for confirmations of dates and times of weekend demos in the Facebook group and note that all live recordings will be available for replay afterwards (they remain viewable in the Facebook group). Module Two (11-17 March) Leaves and Foliage

Paying attention to leaves and exploring secondary colours as well as brush techniques and mark making to create interesting surfaces.

  • Leaves, Observation and Drawing with Pencil and Ink

  • Secondary Colours, Orange, Purple and Green

  • The Colour Green.

  • Visual texture and mark making

  • Collage Leaves, explore and expand

  • Tropical leaves

The second project is a Tropical Still Life Collage in a trending colour mood inspired by Henri Rousseau. Module Three (18-24 March)

Soft and Neutral, Pinks and Greys.

Drawing and layering techniques explored.

  • Pastels, Neutral + Grey, Lines and Layering

  • Flowers, Observational Drawing

  • Grey, Carbon drawings, Line and Textures

  • Dip pen drawing

  • Colour Hues Pinks, Translucent and Opaque

  • Mint and Sage

The third project is Soft and Feminine, an artwork inspired by Rennie and Margaret MacKintosh and the Arts and Crafts movement. Soft layers and line work using pinks, greys and neutral colours. Module Four (25-31 March) Retro Florals, Printing and Stamping

  • Florals: A vocabulary of Shapes.

  • Printing and Stamping

  • A Bit of Zing, Complimentary Colours Explored

  • Geometric Shapes, Drawing and Printing

  • Carbon Drawings

  • Masking Out Areas, Negative and Positive Space.

Midcentury retro textiles will be used as inspiration for an artwork incorporating printing, stamping and drawing in the fourth and final project. Other Information The last day of the course is 31 March. The Facebook group page will remain open indefinitely and all projects and videos on the course page will be accessible until 31 May 2019 to allow time to catch up and redo projects.

Please note: the course material is the intellectual property of Este MacLeod who holds the copyright. Please do not share the course content to others and do not use the content for teaching or demonstrating.

I am looking forward to this coming month and seeing what you create. I really hope you enjoy the course!

Colourful greetings,