Drawing with Carbon Paper

March 22, 2019



Having painted rose shapes, the next step is to make outline drawings of the flowers. These will be used in the collage project. Adding drawn lines, textures and marks is part of this module.

For today’s project you will focus on creating rose drawings, using the painted flowers as guide.  Once done, experiment with the painted flowers and drawing combinations by collaging them together. You can also paint on top of the carbon rose drawings once they have been stuck down onto the paper.


You can draw the flowers in your own way but if you'd like some inspiration of stylized flowers, have a look at the Pinterest board of Arts and Crafts inspired designs.



You will need carbon paper, deli paper, an HB pencil, matte medium, high flow paint and watercolour paper to stick it down on.

Place deli paper then carbon, then a sheet with rose paintings and finally a deli sheet. 

Use the roses as template and draw the outlines and some shading and details of the flowers in pencil on top of the flowers. Apply pressure, this is required to transfer the marks from the carbon paper onto the deli paper. Experiment with marks and try drawing in different ways: roses as spirals, more angular, rounded and stylized. 



Draw a few sheets of flowers using different rose paintings as templates .You don't need to draw on top of the flower drawings - you can just trace the outlines and then create roses drawings to fit in the sizes.

Once completed, create some rose collages by cutting out painted flowers and sticking them onto watercolour paper with the carbon drawings on top. Apply a thin layer of  matte medium on top of the carbon drawings before you cut them out and stick them onto the paper - this helps to seal them and prevent the lines from smudging.

Using matte medium you can also just stick down some drawings without colour roses underneath them. You can now add colour and make painterly marks on top of the collaged drawings.

This project is to prepare you for this module’s art project that will be a rose-themed collage artwork inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald.



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