Fabulous Fish

April 11, 2020



This week we will be looking at incorporating techniques from the week’s mini projects in the creating of a fish painting. Fish are wonderful creatures to use decoratively because of the simplistic shape of a body, eyes, mouth fins and a tail. The shape can be adapted and altered in all sorts of ways to create interesting and unique decorative outcomes.



Sketchbook Project 


It is difficult to draw a fish wrong and I have added another letter drawing project that has been done before in my Creative Leap course: Letters Turned into Fish. You can see the video for more information.


Turn the alphabet into twenty six fish drawings to give you ideas to work on when creating your artwork.


Here’s a Pinterest board with some fish for inspiration.


Painted Project


Look at your twenty six fish drawings and select a few to be in the fish-themed artwork. Lightly sketch the outline of the different fish on the watercolour paper. Consider which techniques you would like to use for the different fish. Masking fluid is a good material to use, I do not use a brush for application because it ruins it. Instead I adapted a pineapple leaf to stamp with, you can use cardboard, Q-tip (cotton buds) or other material to apply the masking fluid to the paper.


I also included finger printing, wet on wet painting, stamping with an angled brush to create the stitch marks, and matt medium as resist. In the video you can see how I applied it on top of the finger printing detail to create a ‘halo’ effect. I also painted it on top of a painted fish, and rubbed off some of the background colour by wetting the fish shape. This made the matte medium sections darker. When matte medium is painted on the paper mixed with watercolour it will become a coloured resist. If you paint it without colour it will be a lighter version of the colour painted on top. Subtle effects and more detailed areas can be created this way.


Experiment and play with colours of your choice, as well as techniques you prefer, combine them as you see fit. You can use a dip pen for detail and paint a background with a flat brush once completed.


The weekend live demo in Facebook will focus on retro inspired fish designs.





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