Matchstick Drawings

April 10, 2020

Time is the fire in which we burn -- Gene Roddenberry




Today’s project is very simple. It is about observation, drawing and improvising.


Sketchbook Project 


Take nine matchsticks and place them in rows of three on a page in your sketchbook Trace them with a pencil. Set each matchstick alight, let it burn and cool down, then place it on top of the traced drawing. Observe how they all are a bit different, how the fire alters the curve of the wood.



Once all the matchsticks have been positioned on the original tracings, draw each one carefully with a fineliner marker. You can part trace it, and part draw it. Take care with the fragile burnt object. Add shadows with a pencil if you can observe them.


This process is a meditative and slow one, observing and drawing just what you see.


Bigger Project


With the sketchbook drawings as inspirational shapes, create a selection of curved shapes in a larger scale. Use the dip pen and high flow black paint. You can also draw with a fineliner and paint with a dagger brush - make swooping lines, you can exaggerate and distort the shapes.


Experiment with opaque versus transparent watery shapes, overlay and formation.Do not overthink the process, allow for experimentation for the sake of exploring the material you are working in. This project is important for the weekend art project.





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