Banana Flower: Volume & Brush Techniques


A project about loose, bold wet on wet painting and mark making of a single large flower.

You will be using the skin of a banana as prop. Why a banana? Bananas are easier to obtain than lilies, you can use both for reference though!


In the video you will see how the banana skin is prepared and cut to create a flower shape. This will help with the visualisation to create dimension and bold petal shapes of a larger scale. You can reference the Pinterest board for lily flowers.

Colours used are pinks and reds, Azo gold deep. Ultramarine blue and paynes gray are used for the background, and white High flow paint for details and highlights on the flower.The purpose of this mini-project is to create larger coloured surface areas and paint wet on wet with a larger mop brush. Concentrate on just one large lily flower shape painted in pinks. Once dried, more depth is created with a dagger brush, and fine lines are painted in white high flow with a flat brush.

© 2020 Esté MacLeod

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