Balloon Flowers: Mixing Watercolour & Paint Medium

Dandelions - Some see a weed, other see a wish.


Today’s project is a fun experimental one.

Sunny, yellow dandelions are the basic inspiration for the balloon flower project. Watercolour and matte paint medium are mixed together to create varied printed shapes and colour combinations to use as basis for simple flower shapes.

The Process

Creating individual round shapes with watercolour, matte medium and balloons is the focus of today’s project.

The yellow colours in the set are used, Nickel Azo Yellow, Hansa Yellow and Q Gold as well as Paynes Gray and Ultramarine Blue as background colour. The process to create the basic flower shapes is spontaneous and varied, you dip a partially inflated balloon in the matte medium and then the diluted watercolour to collect colour. This gets transferred to the paper as you press and twist the balloon. More colour can be added to the round stamped shapes, and distorted with the balloon pressed onto it. Some of them can be printed using watercolour only, without the matte medium, and this will result in a more watery print. After the print has dried you can apply details with the tip of a flat brush and dip pen.

The aim is to create variation within the guidelines, Use the dandelion flowers as reference, see Pinterest link or find some in your garden.

The matte medium technique, dip pen and paint brush stamping technique will be used in the weekend’s project.

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