Round and Juicy: Loose & Light Painting


Today’s project is inspired by red round juicy fruits. It is a techniques-focussed project exploring the liquid characteristics of watercolour in hues of red, ranging from orange to purple in multiple round shapes.

Use a loo roll to create round stamped shapes to be filled in with the bigger pointed brush and a flat brush as painting tools rather than smaller brushes to create bold juicy shapes.

Colours used are Quin Magenta, Perm Alizarin Crimson, Pyrrole Red Lt, Nickel Azo Yellow, Quin Gold Deep, Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Blue GS, French Ultramarine Blue and Paynes Grey.

Please look at the three videos below. As basic sketchbook project round shapes are made by stamping in a loo roll and painting watery shapes exploring different strengths of paint, from translucent to darker shading colours. Spattering with water and colours, and building up of layers from light and translucent to more deep and rich colours. Play with the basic round shape that is determined with the stamping, allowing the watery paint to create spatter marks as you make circles with the loo roll.

The process starts with more diluted layers, building it up with wet on wet paint to create rounded forms reminiscent of juicy fruits, without actually painting fruit. Have a go and play with the circular shapes.

Painted fruit: in this short video I created an actual fruit-based sketch based on a cherry, starting off with more translucent colour and deepening it with darker layers to create volume and shade. This is optional as a sketchbook project.

The Project

Round red shapes inspired by juicy fruit

To be done on the watercolour block. The same process of stamping watery circles with a loo roll is used, these are the basic shapes to be filled in with the watercolours using the same process of more translucent colours and adding layers to create more depth.

The Objective

Play with red tones, from magenta to orange, crimson, purple and colours in between. Add yellow, burnt sienna and blue to alter the hues and create subtle differences. Even though the shapes are based on summer fruit, the objective is not to paint fruit as such. Spatter marks are created by the stamping process and paintbrush marks.

Depending on your preference you can add more depth and shade by painting on the dried round shapes with purple, a mix of magenta and ultramarine blue. Once dried, Paynes grey could be applied as shade to the side of the shapes, this is optional.

The end result is a sheet filled with multiple juicy shapes reminiscent of fruit, without it being a fruit-themed painting: they are similar yet different.

By creating within the tight guidelines, the shapes allow for more exploring of layering techniques and subtle colour combinations. The layering and colours will be used in the bigger weekend project.

Find the Pinterest board with inspiration of round fruit shapes:

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