Explore Shapes in Ink & Watercolour

Hurray, it's Springtime and the next Explore Colour course is about to start! Thank you for registering for this one, it will be packed with all sorts of projects to explore colours, and painting techniques to inspire new ideas. Please also join the Facebook group that had been set up for this course, it is a private group and the location where I will be the doing the weekend demos as live videos to be seen afterwards at any time. Please answer the questions posted to allow entry, this had been added for extra security.

Please note, there's an addition to the materials list: I modified two projects to include stamping with triangular silicone make-up sponges. These will be required on Tuesday 14 April. They are not crucial, but very helpful in layering colours. Daily projects will incorporate drawings in sketchbooks or painting experiments building up to the weekends project. Inspiration is drawn from all sorts of experiences: nature, vegetables and fruit, craft-based techniques as well as the imagination. Here's the itinerary with daily projects released at 9am BST in the classroom portal.


Saturday 28 March: The Basics: Colours and paint brush experimentation

Sunday 29 March: LIVE Paintbrush demo on Facebook, 11am BST. Monday 30 March: Round and Juicy: Loose and Light painting Tuesday 31 March: Drops: Translucent Blues and greens Wednesday 1 April: Balloon Flowers: Mixing watercolour and paint medium Thursday 2 April: Magic Mushrooms: Neutrals and line work for depth Friday 3 April: Filigree: Saul Steinberg as inspiration and line work. Saturday 4 April

  • Ruth Asawa inspired artwork project

  • Experimenting with translucency and solid lines to create an abstract artwork inspired by the sculptural work

  • LIVE art demo in the Facebook group, time will be announced on 2 April

Monday 6 April: Letter Hats: Line work, colour and shading Tuesday 7 April: Tortoise: Use your fingers for printing Wednesday 8 April: Banana Flowers: Volume and brush techniques Thursday 9 April: Stitch: Polish embroidery as inspiration Friday 10 April: Matchstick drawings Saturday 11 April

  • Fabulous Fish: Combining techniques to create a retro inspired fish artwork

  • LIVE art demo in the Facebook group, time will be announced on 9 April

Monday 13 April: Spirals & Curves: Alexander Calder Tuesday 14 April: Layered Textures: Printing, introducing silicone sponge techniques Wednesday 15 April: Grass Ribbons Thursday 16 April: White & Black: Akira Kusaka inspired painting Friday 17 April: Curves: Romano pepper as inspiration Saturday 18 April

  • Layered Landscape: inspired by a variety of shapes and lines. Mixed media, masking and line work explored.

  • LIVE art demo in the Facebook group, time will be announced on 16 April

Intellectual Property and Passwords Please note, the password give access to those registered for Explore Shapes, and is not to be shared with anyone else. Posting of Work Resulting from this Course You are welcome to share outcome of course projects on social media and on websites when linked to the hashtags #explorecolour and #exploreshapes. Please do not share the individual projects' creating processes online, or in art groups. A variety of painting techniques will be shown during the course, these are for you to apply and use as you wish in your own work. If you have questions about this please get in in touch with me on este@estemacleod.com. I really hope you enjoy the course and find value in the variety of projects, especially in these trying times. I look forward to spending the next three weeks with you.

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