Chinoiserie Inspired Collage


After spending time this week creating painted marks inspired by ancient oriental ceramics, we finally get to put them together in a collage.


Just before we get to the weekend assignment, let's explore ways to create flower- and plant-themed collages from the variety of brush marks and shades of blue on our painted deli sheets. Today's mini project is a collage of a dinner plate-sized design incorporating the marks and motives created this week.

Look at the Pinterest board to find Chinoiserie designs that appeal to you

Don't get overwhelmed - I recommend scanning through, finding one or two images that appeal most then use them as inspiration for drawings to build your collage around. The inspiration is Chinoiserie, but you can use the designs as you wish to fit into the way and style you like to create art. Be inspired by the limitation of working in shades of blue only and use the painted brush marks to guide the creation of plants and florals.


Study your painted sheets and cut out some shapes to start from, roughly corresponding with what you find appealing from the Pinterest board. Use a variety of colours and shape to collage individual flowers on the pages. Make annotations in the sketchbook to remind you of the brush strokes or processes if this will make it easier to remember for the next steps. Keep it simple but interesting, let the shapes of the brush strokes guide you.

Once you have made a few flowers you can move on to create the dinner plate-sized collage.

Play and explore, try out combinations and ideas! By working in painted paper collage you are able to really explore ideas with brush mark combinations in a way that's just not possible when painting. The limitation of using just shades of blue helps to keep the focus on the painted components and selection of marks. Do not paint on top of the collages, limit yourself to use the painted sheets only.


Creating a decorative circular collage of Chinoiserie inspired flowers in shades of blue is today's focus. Incorporate a wide selection of painted marks and shapes within this round form to make a collage in your own style.

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