Inktense Florals & Shapes

For the artist, drawing is discovery. And that is not just a slick phrase; it is quite literally true. - John Berger


Drawing is a very important component of this week's module, the shapes and imaginary florals created will now be done in deli sheets in order to become collages.


For this mini project you will be drawing with a black Inktense pencil, or other aquarelle pencil such as Caran d'Ache Luminance on deli paper coated in a thin layer of matte medium. These will be used in collages along with coloured and textured sheets. Duplication of shapes will happen with carbon sheets placed beneath the drawings.


Select four to six flowers as well as some interesting shapes and draw them, not too small or too big - palm of your hand and smaller for the shapes components.

Creating Inktense drawings: Place a carbon sheet under the deli sheet, facing down and towards a clean sheet, similar to the first butterfly drawings. Paint the top deli sheet with matte medium - do so with a brush dipped in water to dilute it slightly. Remember to use the side with the fold of the deli paper facing up, the shinier side of the paper. This side is less absorbent and creates better marks.

Draw directly onto the wet sheets with your black pencil, Take care to make an imprint below on the carbon paper. You need to draw super hard, but with enough even pressure to leave a feint mark. Draw on a hard surface such as the green cutting matt.

Place drawings close together, you should be able to fit four to five on a sheet. Repeat with more drawings if you like, on a different sheet for the duplicate marks. The duplicate sheets will be used to create stencils, and it is not important for them to be dark, just indications of the shapes.

Repeat this process again, drawn on half of the 10"x10" sheet. The sheet is folded in half with a carbon sheet folded inside with the black side facing a clean deli sheet. Use a drawing from the fruit sketches to make a drawing - a section drawing is better than an imaginary flower drawing. Draw on the painted matte sheet and whilst wet. Once completed fold open the sheet and take out the duplicate sheet.

Cover the carbon drawing in a thin layer of matte medium and draw with black on the outlines, creating a mirror image of the shape. Once completed you can paint in sections of the drawing with two colours picked from a combination you like, refer to your sketchbook colour combination blocks for ideas.

The Inktense pencil will act as a kind of barrier keeping the colours inside. This process is shown in particular for creating finer detail in colour, where it might be easier to paint sections rather than to collage them on later.


The main aim of this project is to create strong black line drawings from your sketches to be used as collage components. Duplication and mirroring of shapes create more options for designs in the collage.

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