Inktense Resist Image Transfer

With colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft. - Henri Matisse


Line drawings, Inktense resist transfers and contrasting colours are the focus of today's mini-project.



Inktense pencil, deli sheets (clear and already painted), dark blue, black, red, grey, yellow and most other colours should be suitable for print transfers, matte paint medium, High Flow paints - I use red, magenta, yellow, Pthalo green with added white, black and Pthalo blue.

Note, all sheets in the demo are painted with matte medium in the mixture. Refer to your drawings to create contour lines on the deli sheets with Inktense pencils. These pencil drawn lines will act as barriers from the painted colour when applied to the clear sheet or dry coloured sheet for contrasting prints.

I started off with a mixture of Pthalo green and magenta to create a deep blue grey colour. Contour drawings with the Inktense pencil cover the entire sheet before being transferred to a clear sheet. Depending on the amount of paint on your sheet, a number of printed transfers might be possible with the same original drawn sheet. I also used Pthalo mixed with red for the next sheet (a drop of black intensifies the depth of it) to create a deep grey colour. To make turquoise opaque pastels I used medium mixed with Pthalo green and a drop of Pthalo blue. I also used white with yellow and black to create a warm grey.

Experiment with doing transfers onto different coloured sheets from the previous modules. You can draw in more detail or keep it simple. Jellyfish, choral and sea anemone drawings can be done as well.

The drawings and colour transfers will be used in the collage projects.


Resist printing with organic drawn lines is possible with an Inktense pencil. It is ideal to create white or contrasting coloured detail marks depending on the colours used to print and the colours of the sheets to be printed on. This method of colour transfer is a quick way to explore how colours react with each other, and ideas to be used in a collage artwork.

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