Sea Anemones & Jellyfish Drawings


Drawings of circular shapes inspired by jellyfish and numbers turned into drawings of sea anemones.


Use the Pinterest board to inspire your drawings. Jellyfish and anemones are beautiful shapes to become simplified line drawings:



Large watercolour paper sketchbook, deli sheets covered in mixtures of dark blue, deep teal and blue grey. Dip pen and Inktense pencil.

Jellyfish drawings

Sketchbook project: Create circular drawings with an Inktense pencil inspired by the organic round shapes of jellyfish.

Deli paper drawings: Once you have done this, repeat the process with a dip pen on a dark blue deli sheet and white high flow (or a mixture of Pthalo green and white). Keep it simple, the focus is on drawing a variety of circular shapes rather than detailed jellyfish drawings.

Number drawings

Sketchbook project: Use the numbers 1 to 9 as basis for creating sea anemones, jellyfish and choral drawings. Use the Pinterest board to inspire ideas, draw interesting simple shapes.

Deli paper drawings: Repeat the process on a painted deli sheet. See video demo for demonstration.


The last module in this course is about an underwater garden. Anemones are animals but called the ocean's flowers because of their beautiful floral structures. Creating a collection of drawings to use as reference and actual deli paper components are important aspects for the bigger collage project.