Big Bold Blooms

Bloom like a flower; unfold your own beauty - Debasish Mridha


Various elements come together in Module Three's big collage assignment. Imaginary drawings, black lines on deli paper, resist patterns, stencil shapes and layers of colour are incorporated in a comprehensive all over floral artwork.


Combine the deli sheets and the variety of techniques used during this module, along with colour sheets from the previous two modules to create a big and bold flower arrangement.


Cut out shapes and flowers created by Inktense drawings, stencils, resist textures, layering and other colours done over the first two modules.

Use the drawings and African wax flowers as inspiration for colour combinations and compositions. Play with colour and texture within the simple flower structures. Pay attention to the colours used, start off with less for the basic planning, and add more colours selectively. You can also add colours by means of painting selectively.

The focus remains on collaging, do not get sidetracked with adding too much paint or drawing on the artwork. Allow the textures, layers, and drawings to be the stars. Black paint marks have been used in my collage - the marks add a lot of visual texture (and are optional). Make adjustments as you see fit. If you make a collage on a background already covered in black textures or painted black make sure that your collage sheets are opaque by painting the backs with white undiluted paint.


A vibrant bold collage composed using imaginary flower drawings, colours, stencil shapes and Inktense drawings as components. Allow your style and choice of colours to guide the process.

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