Blossoms & Brush Strokes


Following on from the curved shaped brush marks, more blue floral and plant components inspired by Chinoiserie are being painted on deli paper.


Blossoms and petals are painted on deli paper in hues of blue mixed with matte medium. Using the sketchbook project as reference, branch and twig shapes are painted using a dagger and flat brush to create a stabbing technique.


Five Petal Blossoms

Starting off with blossoms, a medium sized round brush with a fine tip is used to paint matte medium mixed with Ultramarine blue and Pthalo blue to create a variety of shades within one structure.

The brush picks up matte medium and paint from a container and only gets mixed on the deli paper as the paint brush shape is used to create the five petal shapes per blossom

The uniformity of the basic shape is made more interesting by having different shades of blue in the structure. If you like, add dark blue detail for the stamens on the inside of the flower. Paint the flowers from different angles. Have a look at the Pinterest board for inspiration

Branches and Twigs

Use the observational sketchbook drawing project of twigs and leaves as reference for the next step of painted branch shapes. Paint only the branch components in dark blue, not leaves. Use a dagger or flat brush to paint with the stabbing technique. Add a few more random pine needle cluster shapes to the deli sheet. No paint medium is used for this technique

Solid blue branch shapes

Use a dagger brush or round brush to create interesting branch shapes on another deli sheet. I did not use paint medium to paint the sample in the photos in this post.

Fan shaped flowers

A fan brush dipped in matte medium is used to create the basic shape for the next project. See the video for more details, the brush is laid on it's side so the medium gets transfered. Repeat this process and then apply colour with a dagger brush to emphasise the shape with transparent and opaque brush strokes. You can try different techniques for this, refer to the paint brush technique pages or stick to the dagger brush and flat brush used for the stamping technique.

Jellyfish flowers

The last exercise is a simple one, but effective in the creating of collage flowers. Paint half circular shapes in shades of blue mixed with matte medium, retain transparency. Now use a flat or dagger brush to stamp lines in a darker blue as seen in the example.


Creating a good selection of shapes and paint brush marks is important in this painted collage course. These will be used for the collages in Module Two as well as the next two projects. Familiarising yourself with the uses of the matte painting medium, and how to mix high flow paint to create different effects are important aspects of this course.

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