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Here’s the basic layout of Flower Collage II's four modules. All projects and videos that make up the individual modules will be available here. The projects will be released at 9am GMT from 12 October until 10 November every day apart from Sundays (the catch-up day).

Please look at the list of materials needed for the course. I’ve added some materials to the original list that will be required for Modules 3 and 4.

Another email will be sent the week before the course starts with an invitation to join the closed Facebook group that will be used for live session and to post outcomes. You'll be asked to confirm your email address, this is to ensure that everyone joining really is on the course!

I'll open the Facebook group on 8 October so please make sure you've joined before the course starts. You'll also be able to see confirmations of dates and times of my live demonstrations over the weekends. If you can't take part in a live session, recording will be available for replay on the Facebook page.

Module 1 (12-20 October)

Rainbow Butterflies: A full spectrum of colours and 'number drawings' combined to create patterned butterflies

  • The Basics, Materials and Processes used in the course explained

  • Brushes explained

  • Paint and Medium used to create opaque and transparent layers

  • Ways to Explore Colour combinations

  • Mixing Colours from eight basic colours in the set

  • Numbers used to create patterns and shapes

  • Carbon Copy Drawings, Duplicate and Mirror images incorporated

  • Layered Butterfly Collage Explored

  • Weekend Art Project: Rainbow Butterflies, inspired by numbers being transformed into patterns.

On 12 October I'll cover techniques and processes that were used in the previous Flower Collage course. These will focus on creating coloured painted sheets, paint techniques and other aspects to get everyone up to speed. It'll be important to take time to do these to prepare yourself. On 13 October I'll do a live demo to explain the processes.

The mini-projects start on 14 October and run daily on weekdays. These build up over the week towards the bigger weekend project: Rainbow Butterflies which will be released on 19 October.

Over the weekend there will be a live demo in the Facebook Flower Collage II group to recap the week’s projects. The video will remain viewable in this classroom space indefinitely.

Module 2 (21-27 October)

Blues and Greys: An Oriental inspired still life collage. Mark making with brush and dip pen used to create organic forms and patterns whilst exploring contrasting and neutral colours

  • Branches, Twigs and Leaves, Observation and Drawing with Dip pen and Ink

  • Blues, Greys and Neutral colours

  • Dagger Brush paint marks explored

  • Shibori inspired textures and mark making

  • Background colours and textures and cutting with a rotary blade.

  • Ginger Jar Drawings

  • Weekend Art Project: A still life collage in blues and greys with Chinese porcelain and Japanese embroidery as inspiration..

Over the weekend there will be a live demo in the Facebook Flower Collage II group.

Module Three (28 October to 3 November)

Bold and Brave: Painting Techniques, Printing, Colour Transfer and Resist processes explored in a richly coloured artwork adorned with imaginary flowers on a dark background.

  • Colour layers with resist techniques

  • Imaginary Flowers. Drawings Inspired by summer fruits

  • Stencils and Textures

  • Cutting shapes

  • Colour Combinations, Translucent and Opaque

  • Dark background and Metallic Gold

  • Weekend Art Project: A collage Inspired by bold African wax printed textiles, imaginary floral drawings and rich colours on a dark background.

Module Four (4-10 November)

Float: Simple and Intricate Forms and Layers of Blue and Green textures, printed, stamped, drawn and transferred colours explored

  • Observation: Red cabbage and pineapple drawings.

  • Printing, Stamping and Textures

  • Watercolour techniques. Masking and Layering explored

  • Geometric Shapes, Drawing in Dip pen

  • White and Gold Line Drawings explored

  • Masking out areas, negative and positive space.

  • Art Project Four. Float- A layered etherial watery themed collage artwork inspired by Ernst Haeckel drawings and Kate Malone’s juicy ceramic forms and textures.

Other Information

10 November is officially the last day of the course but the Facebook group page will remain open indefinitely and all projects and videos are accessible until 10 January 2019.

I enjoyed planning this new course, and am looking forward to see what you create in response. I really hope you enjoy the course!

Colourful greetings,

Please note: the course material is the intellectual property of Este MacLeod who holds the copyright. Please do not share the course content to others and do not use the content for teaching or demonstrating.

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