Stitch: Polish Embroidery


A paint technique focussed project inspired by Polish embroidery. The dagger brush, round brush and dip pen will be used to create an artwork in red watercolour paint only.

Have a look at the Pinterest board for inspiration and do some drawings in your sketchbook of flowers and shapes used in the embroidery. You will be using the drawings as basis fo the artwork.


Draw a circle the size of a dinner plate on your watercolour sheet. Using your sketchbook drawings as reference for the artwork, lightly sketch a design that will fit into the circular shape. You can also do some flowers instead if you do not want to do a bigger project.

The dagger brush is used to create curved leaf shapes when painted with sideways. It is also used to 'stamp' fine lines similar to the feel of embroidered flowers and textures. The fine tip can be used to create small dots as well, and curved lines of different thicknesses.

The pointed brush is good for even thin lines, small circles and controlled details in the contrasting deep red. Dip pen is good for fine details when used with the watercolour paint.

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