Ruth Asawa Inspired Artwork Project


An artwork inspired by the wire sculptures of Ruth Asawa

For the weekend’s project, you will be combining techniques used in the mini-projects in an abstract painting. Letters are drawn in repeat to create lines that connect, creating a texture similar to the wire crochet used by Ruth Asawa in her iconic sculptures.

This module’s live demo in the Facebook group will explain in more detail.

Sketchbook Project

Look at the Ruth Asawa Pinterest board for reference to shapes and textures create by the wire crochet in the elegant sculptures.

Draw some of these bulbous shapes as guide and fill them in with letter textures as seen in the video. Use a dip pen and diluted black High flow or acrylic ink. You will use the drawings as reference for the bigger project.

Artwork Project

Creating a painting.

You will need one or two balloons, Nickel Azo yellow, Gold deep, Paynes Gray and Pthalo Blue. Matte medium, High flow black and white paint, a dip pen and a comb brush.

Use the technique from the dandelion project to create round shapes, and expand on them as seen in the video. Combine the process of stamping colour to create the forms to be filled in with letter textures. Again, see the video for more details.

Once you have completed the shapes you can paint a dark blue gray background. This project is about combining techniques and drawing with letters to create unique designs. The technique can be applied in different ways in your own work. The live demo in Facebook will show more options and larger scales

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