Filigree Heart: Linework with Saul Steinberg as Inspiration


Today’s project is about lines, symmetry, duplication and drawing with a paintbrush. Number as shapes are use as starting point to become hearts. Numbers 1-9 are the shapes used to guide the creating process.


Sketchbook: start first by drawing the nine numbers on the sheet. Mirror these to create a symmetrical shape. Continue to draw in order to create a heart shape, then fill with linework. Look at the Pinterest board for inspiration, Saul Steinberg’s use of line and drawing leans itself to this process. Once you have drawn the nine hearts you can do the painting project.


The colours used for this project are Hansa Yellow, Nickel Azo Yellow, Viridian Green, Pthalo Blue and Paynes Gray.

Mix up a dark green and repeat the process done in the sketchbook without drawing in pencil first.

Just let it flow, create lines and curves inspired by the number assigned to each heart shape. You can add more detail in different greens that you mix up, and fill in sections exploring greens ranging from lime to dark. I used a dagger brush for this project to create fine lines and fill in sections.

© 2020 Esté MacLeod

© 2020 Explore Colour