Explore Shapes in Ink & Watercolour

Hello and welcome to the latest Explore Colour course, Explore Shapes in Ink & Watercolour.

The course will be delivered in three modules here. Every weekday, Monday to Friday, at 9am BST, mini-projects will be released through this course portal. These will contain instructions to create the daily assignments that should be done in sequence in order to build up to the weekend art project that concludes the module. The daily projects can be done in the space of 30 to 60 minutes depending on how much exploring you want to do. The weekend projects incorporate techniques and shapes introduced throughout the previous five days to create a more comprehensive artwork. I will be doing weekly live demos on Saturdays to compliment the course material within the closed Facebook group setup for this course. Sunday is for catching up and there isn't any set work. Once the course ends, an additional two months will be available to revisit projects through the course portal.

Here's the itinerary. with daily projects released at 9am BST in the classroom portal.

Sunday 7 July

The Basics: Colours and paint brush experimentation

Monday 8 July

Round and Juicy: Loose and Light painting

Tuesday 9 July

Drops: Translucent Blues and greens

Wednesday 10 July

Balloon Flowers: Mixing watercolour and paint medium

Thursday 11 July

Magic Mushrooms: Neutrals and linework for depth

Friday 12 July

Filigree: Saul Steinberg as inspiration and linework.

Saturday 13 July

  • Ruth Asawa inspired artwork project: Experimenting with translucency and solid lines to create an abstract artwork inspired by the sculptural work

  • LIVE art demo in the Facebook group, time will be announced on 11 July

Monday 15 July

Letter Hats: Linework, colour and shading

Tuesday 16 July

Tortoise: Use your fingers for printing

Wednesday 17 July

Banana Flowers: Volume and brush techniques

Thursday 18 July

Stich: Polish embroidery as inspiration

Friday 19 July

Matchstick drawings.

Saturday 20 July

  • Fabulous Fish: Combining techniques to create a retro inspired fish artwork

  • LIVE art demo in the Facebook group, time will be announced on 18 July

Monday 22 July

Spirals & Curves: Alexander Calder

Tuesday 23 July

Layered Texctures: Printing with silicone make up sponge

Wednesday 24 July

Grass Ribbons

Thursday 25 July

White & Black: Akira Kusaka inspired painting

Friday 26 July

Curves: Romano pepper as inspiration

Saturday 27 July

Layered Landscape: inspired by a variety of shapes and lines. Mixed media, masking and linework explored.

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