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View, Vision and Variety

We all have our unique views on the world, both physical and mental. Each or us live in a dwelling somewhere with windows through which we get a glimpse of the outside world. We see our gardens, or trees, the passing traffic, people and aspects of life. In most environments we get to see something of the outside world.

As we visit places we get to see the world through windows as well. Cars, and other forms of transport, trains, buses and planes have windows allowing us to see ever-changing scenes outdoors. Seasons, and nature, cities and landscapes, are framed like a picture as we see it through a window.

In houses, windows are also sources of light during the day. Allowing light to come in through the glass, it influences the interior space. As the sun moves, the colours and shadows change. The light changes through the seasons.

Artists often use windows in art with great effect, it allows the artist to create an artwork that includes both the interior and exterior in the same image. Have a look at the Pinterest board for more information:


Today we will be creating some views through windows in buildings. Four templates are available to be printed out and drawn upon; you are also welcome to do your own in a sketchbook.

Creative Process

For todays project you will need a fineliner pen and imagination.

Template 1: Use this window to illustrate some interior and exterior objects, like looking out of a bedroom or kitchen window, potplants and trees, maybe a fence, are there people or buildings in this street view? Refer to the number drawings for the plants, and maybe use capital letters for a fence or outside structures is you like.

Template 2: A porthole, what is the view from this window? Arctic or tropical or maybe underwater? If so can letters inform the sea life, fish or other marine life maybe? Attic window, sky or rooftops or trees, maybe birds? City scene or nature window, what do you prefer, what city appeals, Paris, New York, London or Bejing?

Template 3: Indicate a season, what articles are indoors on the windowsill?

Template 4: You are on vacation? What is the location of this large window? Are you in a tropical, exotic or a remote countryside location perhaps? Where would you like to be, where is the sun? A dream location for you to draw.


Use of imagination and improvement of drawing skills. Use of letter drawing mini project outcomes to inform shapes in this project.

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