U is for...


Today’s mini project is very simple. The shape of the letter U is the inspiration. It is a favourite shape of mine because it is so dynamic and can be incorporated into different things depending on the position of the shape.

The challenge today is deceptively simple. Use the template (download here) and create a coherent drawing incorporating all nine shapes. The template is very basic, you can also make your own version in a sketchbook or on watercolour paper.

Creative Process

Print the sheet of U shapes and look at it from different angles. You can make some warm up sketches and consider how you will use them all together in a creation to suit your own style and way of working.

Do you see a creep of tortoises or other animals? Some beautiful little bowls or a collection of teapots? Islands in an ocean in need of some palm trees, gentlemen with bald heads? Or can these be curved plant stems if held sideways? Patterns, bumps, bananas or rainbows….. what will you discover? Tap into your imagination and have a go.


Being faced with something very simple can sometimes be a bit daunting and intimidating. The aim is to use the basic template to create something that is a unique to your own style. The project is focused on developing creativity, imagination and drawing ability.

© 2020 Esté MacLeod

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