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For today’s project you will be using scissors as creative instrument instead of a pen or paintbrush. There aren't letters in this project either, so the creative process is altogether different.

The focus of this project is about creative problem solving using limited resources and a theme to give guidance. I've attached two sheets here and here covered in printed and painted marks. These are the templates to be used for today’s mini project.

Creative Process

Print out the two sheets and use them as only source of marks and shapes for the collage project. In order to give some guidance, there are three themes you can choose in which to work. Pick one as starting point and then expand to other themes if you like to. The themes are:

  • Natural World

  • Imaginary World

  • Underwater World

Study the printed sheets and pick a theme for your collage. How you go about the creation of your image is up to you: what suits your style best? You will need to adapt since you have only limited materials at your disposal. No drawing or painting, only cutting and pasting. Have a go and see what you discover.


Using your imagination for creative problem solving is important to make this project work. Exploring possibilities will reveal interesting outcomes.

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