R is for...


Today’s mini project is a simple one involving the whole alphabet, it can however be somewhat deceptive as it is quite tricky to do some of the letters the wrong way round.

Folk art and Polish paper cutting are used as inspiration for the shapes in this project.

The Pinterest board offers some inspiration based on folk paper cut art as found in Poland and East European countries:


Creative Process

Write the alphabet in lower case on a sheet of paper or in a sketchbook. Write another twenty six letters as a mirror image, write it to the side of each original letter, facing. Once the sheet is completed you can start to elaborate upon the symmetrical design.

This process of the mirrored letters created the beginnings of organic plant shapes, and can be expanded upon by using the same letters, or components of the letters you use in each design. Consider the different elements of each design as you make it more elaborate. From the basic letters that turned into the symmetrical designs, you can develop it further and turn them into a little tree or plant shaped drawings. Once you have completed the sheet, pick a few favourites and do them in a bigger scale in your sketchbook or on watercolour paper. Try painting or coloured pencil if that appeals.

The symmetrical element of the folk inspired paper cutting art links to the process of reversing the letter shapes. Explore the reverse letter drawing ideas in your own way; expand upon the original drawings in ways to suit your style. Maybe try paper cutting, or use this concept in techniques as you see fit.


This project is about creativity and imagination, using basic letter shapes and by duplication in reverse it creates a whole new image or design to inspire the creator to expand upon.