O is for...


Today’s project is about drawing and decoration. The owl, as a shape is an ideal one to explore: the oval body shape, large round eyes, triangular beak, feathers, wings and claws of the owl are easily recognisable. This means the shapes can be played with in different ways.

The project is simple: use the entire alphabet, write it across a sheet of paper or in your sketchbook and turn the letters into owls. Use the previous drawing exercises to inspire your patterns and make them uniquely yours.

Here is a board for inspiration: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/estemacleod/owls/?eq=owl&etslf=1941

If you need inspiration, look for a variety of examples rather than just one artist. Don't copy an artwork directly.

Creative Process

Create a sheet of owl drawings using the alphabet in lower case. Make it varied and interesting by altering scale and decoration.

Once completed, extend the project into a larger artwork by picking one or two owl drawings and making a painting or collage. Explore colour, mark making and decoration to suit your style. Neutral and detailed, bold and bright, simple and monotone? Consider what best appeals to your taste and working method.


The owl project is suitable for interpretation in several artistic styles. Use the letter based drawings to explore the basic oval owl forms and look at ways to create interest and options for materials and applications.

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