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July 12, 2018

Joy and Jewellery

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -- Franklin D Roosevelt


I agree, the joy one feels when creating something new is something quite wonderful.


Jewellery, in particular brooches. That's what we are focusing on in today’s mini project. A brooch is a clasp or ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing and a catch for securing the point of the pin.


Today’s assignment focuses on creating a jewellery piece to be pinned to clothing, so not a pendant, earrings, ring or bracelet. The idea is to turn the alphabet into statement pieces to be worn on the body.


I find jewellery, and brooches in particular, to be very inspirational. They are miniature sculptural pieces and come in a huge variety of styles and materials. Here is a Pinterest board for inspiration: 



Creative Process

On a sketchbook page or watercolour sheet, write the alphabet. Either lower case or capitals.  The idea is to turn the letters into brooch designs. For the purpose of this project you are pretending to be a contemporary jewellery designer or silversmith. Look at the letters and think of jewellery styles that appeal to you. Do you like designs that are intricate or more simplistic?  Take a look at mid-century designers for inspiration. Imagine your designs as three dimensional objects.


You can be figurative or abstract. Keep colour to a minimum or leave it out entirely. Draw with a pencil, fineliner and fill in with watercolour  or diluted high flow paint.



Once you have completed the page, choose one or two designs and create them as three-dimensional cutouts. Use thicker water colour paper or glue two pieces of paper together. You can render this design with pencil to indicate dimension, texture or the material from which it is created.




This project’s purpose is focused on creative problem solving and  artistic development. The exercise has been created to make you look at your own style and tastes in design, and how you imagine creating a small scale three-dimensional decorative object.




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