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Definition: A branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement, properties, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.

This project follows on from previous exercises and is a letter-focused drawing project. For this assignment all twenty six letters are used in CAPITAL form. The purpose of this project is to focus on using letters to develop shapes that are linked to geometry.

For inspiration you can look at gemstones, both natural formed shapes like crystals or cut facetted stones. You can also explore this in your own way, concentrating on expanding on simple forms and colours. Take a look at this Pinterest link:


Creative Process

Write all twenty six CAPITAL letters on a sheet of paper or sketchbook. Now expand them into geometric shapes using the Pinterest board for inspiration.

It's good to just play with the shapes and see how this develops. What shapes do you like to draw: angular or rounded? Keep to the geometric brief and push your boudaries. Once you have made the drawings, try the same process on watercolour paper or paper that is suitable for water based media.

This is a good opportunity to try out the colour combinations in the High Flow set (but if you'd prefer to use watercolour or colour pencil that's fine). In the video sample I used Magenta, Yellow and Pthalo Blue. Use only a very small quantity, dilute with water, mix them selectively and see what colours and hues you can create.


This process is about linking shapes and patterns to geometric shapes. How you incorporate them is your personal choice. This is also an opportunity to experiment with colours: will you paint with colour hues or a wide spectrum? As always, it's up to you. Have fun!

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