Creative Leap 2018 Introduction

Welcome to Creative Leap

Hurray! It's July and time for Creative Leap Summer course. This month long creative journey will be filled with 26 mini art projects designed to encourage the exploration of our own creativity using our handwriting and letters as main inspiration.

Creative Leap’s projects have been created to incorporate components we are familiar with, in new and alternative ways. The Roman alphabet and handwriting are used as prompts to help us develop creativity and individual style. The daily projects in this course will entice you to create drawings and artworks in response to a selection of alphabet-focused projects.

In short, Creative Leap is a program developed to rethink and adjust the creating processes we are used to, and to consider alternative ways to develop our approaches and to hone individual styles.

Course Background

As a full time painter and designer, I often get asked where I find inspiration from, or for information and ideas to expand creativity. There is not an easy answer to this since inspiration can be found from so many different things. This made me think of what it is that everyone has in common. We all share the ability to write using the alphabet, but no two handwritings are the same. These became the aspects I focussed on to develop a course suitable for anyone regardless of their artistic experience or ability.

The ability to observe, and to be able to draw are fundamental in order to be a creative artist or designer. I also believe that if you can write, you can draw. Drawings need not be beautifully rendered artworks: quick sketches and explorative doodles are, in my opinion, of more value when it comes to developing creativity. Drawing in a sketchbook is a bit like note taking to a writer, it is an important starting point for exploring one’s own resourcefulness and original ideas in different ways.

Creative Leap is in essence a series of drawing exercises and small art projects developed over time from my Explore Colour art workshops and group projects. The aim is to link the creative processes and drawing with different topics in order to develop ideas and expand artistic practices.

My Background

I am a painter but I also have a strong belief that as artists we can apply ourselves in various ways, use different media, disciplines and specialisms on our individual creative journeys as we develop our skills over time.

My first qualification was in Textile Design in the pre-digital era. After I completed my studies in South Africa where I specialised in silkscreen printing and surface decoration, I studied Fine Art Printmaking. In 1990 I became a freelance designer and studio ceramicist and developed my skills as a fine artist. I moved to England in 1999 and continued studying: my BA (Hons) in Ceramics and Glass and subsequently my MA in Jewellery Design finishing in 2012. I enjoy creating in a wide spectrum of media including three-dimensional applications, however my main focus is being a colourist painter and occasional designer.

Creative Leap: The Course

  • Twenty six mini-projects will be posted on the Explore Colour website at 9am BST during the month of July. The format is:

  • A letter of the alphabet is the link to a number of topics and ideas.

  • Instructions or guidelines, images of samples, occasional videos and inspirational links related to the project.

  • Weekend Projects: Every Saturday or Sunday in July I will be doing a live demonstration of a bigger art project that is linked to one of the week's mini-projects. This will be different from the February course. Videos can be seen within the group afterwards. To accommodate different time zones, I will alternate times between 10am and 4pm BST. These practical sessions are optional additions to the course and require specific materials, please see the list.

  • The Facebook Group page for Creative Leap is there for communication, commenting and asking questions. You're welcome to share your outcomes there. Please don't post course material or outcomes directly on the Internet or on other open social media platforms.

  • All material on the Creative Leap course is the intellectual property of Este MacLeod who owns all copyrights. The mini-projects can be downloaded as PDF documents to enable students to do them at later stages. This course had been created for personal artistic development, and is not to be share or used for workshops.

  • Techniques demonstrated can be used as you see fit!

I loved creating this course and I really hope you will enjoy it and use the projects to explore and expand your creativity in alternative ways.

You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to other public Internet sites or to social media.

All content © Este MacLeod 2018.