The Still Life Course


Welcome to Explore Colour: The Still Life Course!

Here’s the basic layout of the different modules. Remember, the password for accessing the private site via the Explore Colour website is letspaint all in lower case. All projects and videos are accessible via this link only.

Week One (5-11 June)

Module 1: Drawing projects

  • Imaginary flowers

  • Alphabet flowers

  • Alphabet leaves

On the 5th of June, the first mini projects will be released focusing on drawings in preparation for the painting projects. It is important to do these as part of the program. On the 9th of June, I’ll be releasing instructions on materials: gel, paste, canvas and tissue paper preparation.

Over the weekend of 10th there will be a live session covering any questions around materials. This will be accessible on the Facebook group page. Please join this group and look out for confirmations of date and times, do note that all live recordings will be available for replay.

Week Two (12-18 June)

Module 2: Colour and Composition


Exploring the possibilities of the basic colours without using black:

  • Yellow – Warm, acid, mustard.

  • Red –Vermillion to juicy purple

  • Blue -Pure Heaven to Deep indigo

  • Green –Sap green to Forest green

  • Neutrals – Exploring greys using colours.

  • Newbies- Turquoise, Fuchsia and colours that pop

Collage a Composition

  • Using line and form to create composition without drawing.

  • Tissue paper collage exploring colour moods.

During the week, Module 2 projects will be released. There will be a live session on the Facebook group on the weekend of 17th June where I’ll explain paint techniques.

Week Three (19-25 June)

Module 3: Let’s Paint: One Black Canvas

Module 4: Imagine That! Drawing on a Canvas

Module 3 starts with One Black Canvas: using a wide spectrum of colours on a textured black canvas background to explore colour moods in the first painting.

On Friday the 23rd June, Module 4 will be released: Imagine That! A project focusing on drawings as part of a painting, the creation of dynamic lines and limited use of colour and translucency. Using pumice gel and and an inktense (aquarelle) pencil to create a painting inspired by the imaginary flowers created in Module 1.

Over the weekend of the 24th, there will be another live session on the Facebook group page to revisit the week’s projects. Times and dates will be confirmed.

Week Four (26 June to 2 July)

Module 5: Let’s Print

Starting off on Monday the 26th June with Module 5: Let’s Print. Alternative ways of applying colours, and layering and negative space explored to create a semi abstract still life.

Over the weekend of 1st July another live painting session focusing on using acrylic skins to create a collage. Time and date again to be confirmed.

Week Five (3 July to 10 July)

Module 6: Let’s Layer

On Monday, the 3rd July the last project, Module 6 will be released: Let’s Layer. The fourth canvas will be turned into a richly layered artwork using mixed media and acrylic skins.

On the weekend of the 8th of July an extensive Facebook live session will be used to demonstrate the last painting project, and to answer questions about other projects.

Other Information

The time between the 3rd and 10th of July is to be used for the completion of the different projects. Contact with myself is via the Facebook group page; tag me when posting to draw my attention. I will give feedback on everything posted.

The 10th of July is the last formal day of course but the Facebook group page will remain open indefinitely and all projects and videos are accessible until the 14th of August 2017

During the course, projects will be released at 9am British Summer Time onto the Explore Colour website with updates on these via the Facebook group page. I am really looking forward to the next five weeks, I hope you enjoy the course!

Colourful greetings

Este MacLeod

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