R is for...

It’s not resources, but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.

– Tony Robbins

R is for Repeat, Review and Resourcefulness.

Repeat: In art and design, repetition creates patterns and a rhythm. It is an important aspect of art with regards to colour and shapes. Review: Observing and reviewing what you create on a regular basis is important to develop one’s art. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten - Tony Robbins Resourcefulness: By learning to become more creative, you will increase your ability to be resourceful as well. After a few days of focus on circular shapes and printing, we are continuing to look at ways to make this basic form interesting and varied. As you may have noticed through the projects in this course, there is an emphasis on using limited resources. As an artist I believe that it is good to work with tight limitations in order to enhance creative problem solving: it helps us to come up with new options and it will aid your resourcefulness. “Necessity is the mother of invention” comes to mind! Mini Project For today’s project continue with printing and mark making techniques. By now you should be a bit more comfortable with the process of printing with basic tools. Explore the simple round shape to create repeat patterns or more complex shapes. In addition to the simpler printing projects, I am showing below some images of repeat techniques and ways of creating translucent layers with matte medium.

By using a painting medium and a few drops of high flow, you can build up layers to print on. Create a layer, let it dry and print on top. See what the basic printed shapes can lead to when you join up some shapes, or by having layers of colour added.

Review what you have done so far this week. Take inspiration from the drawings you have done over the first two weeks of Creative Leap.

Dimension and depth: The simple round shapes created with the humble cardboard loo rolls are ideal to explore this with. If you want to explore this idea, have a look at the mushroom exercise in the video demo. Created by only using the cardboard roll, this is a fun way to explore shape and form from different angles.

Inspiration for colour use and beautiful mushroom shapes: http://uk.pinterest.com/estemacleod/mushrooms/

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