Extra: Colour in Composition

Using Pinterest for Colour Moods

Colour in still life paintings is vital to give clues as to the mood of the painting. Is it sunny and warm, nighttime, what is the season depicted in a creation? Colour could possibly be a more important tool than composition and content to convey the essence of a still life painting.

A helpful tool for planning the colour of your still life paintings can be found in Pinterest. This online scrapbook offers ways of arranging colours in different boards as a reference to give ideas about both colour and composition.

Be mindful to never copy a painting of another artist; take many ideas, make notes, sketches, practice to create colourways and build up your own references to create original paintings from.

Here are some links to boards featuring colours and still life compositions to give ideas:



https://uk.pinterest.com/estemacleod/warm-and-sunny/ https://uk.pinterest.com/estemacleod/explore-colour-ideas-and-inspiration/




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