Module 2: Compositions Without Drawing

Creating compositions from printed marks on paper

Following on from the compositions created by cutting out painted tissue paper shapes, this exercise is something that can be done in order to explore balance and proportion in composition.

It is also a way to make compositions without having to create lots of drawing. Please see the video tutorial of how I used cut-out shapes to play with flower arrangements in a way that is free and experimental.

Create your own still life mockups. Draw a variety of containers, vases, jugs etc.. Make your own shapes, or print out the shapes on regular copy paper, cut them up, and explore different options and ideas to suit your creative style and maybe come up with new ideas. The intention is for the different components to give options for creating compositions, and not to form part of an actual collage. Make a still life composition, take a photo to document it, change it, and document it again so you have a record of compositions to work from. This exercise will be beneficial to support the different bigger painting projects that are coming up.

Here are the templates used in the video. Download and print them then use to create a variety of compositions that can be photographed and used to expand your designing options.