Module 2: Floral Shapes for Shading Techniques

Replicated tissue paper floral and foliage

This mini project to be done over the weekend of 17 June has been designed to explain shading and layering with the aid of matte medium. I decided to include it at this stage as it ties in with both this week’s tissue collages and the first two big painting projects.

The Project

Please see the video tutorial to create a number of identical collaged flowers and foliage shapes inspired by your imaginary flowers. During Saturday 17 June' Facebook live demo I will show how to use matte painting medium to create layering and shading. The medium and technique is important to attain translucency, detail and vibrant colour.

The Purpose

The duplicated floral and foliage designs to be created from painted tissue paper offer a way to explore shading and layering on an experimental surface before committing to doing it on your main painting projects.

The Process

Create three of four replicas of each floral and leaf design as a collage stuck onto watercolour paper, leave a bit of space around each shape. The flower shape can be almost the size of your hand, or smaller. These collages are similar to the imaginary floral collage created with the coloured tissue sheets earlier this week.

Do not make it overly complicated, no more than two or three layers of tissue paper, or three basic colours in the design. For this exercise it is important to have a surface similar to that which you will be painting on Canvas Number One, where matte medium will be used, see video tutorial for information.

The Facebook Live session on Saturday the 17th June I will explain this process and the layering in detail. Time is 4pm BST to accommodate the Americas. If you can't make it, the video will be available on Facebook for replay.

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