Canvas Preparation with Pumice Gel and Matte Medium

June 10, 2017

The canvasses used in this course will all have a layer of pumice gel or paint medium applied to prepare them for different techniques to be used.


The first canvas to be prepared will be coated with Acrylic Ground for Pastel also called Fine Pumice Gel. The second will be the same with added black colour. The last two canvasses will be coated with matte medium only.


Preparing with acrylic ground

The gel has a texture like toothpaste. It spreads quite easily with a larger palette knife or credit card.


First canvas

• Scoop around two TABLESPOONS full onto the canvas.

• Spread and cover the entire canvas evenly, like adding frosting on a cake, but much thinner.

• You can use a damp fan brush to smooth down the ridges created by the card or other applicator.

• An alternative is to apply the gel with your fan brush and cover the entire canvas evenly, I recommend applying by credit card .

• The surface will not be perfectly smooth. Do not be concerned, since it shrinks a bit when it dries and becomes smoother.


Second canvas

• Add a TEASPOON of black fluid paint to a TABLESPOON of acrylic pumice gel.

• Mix this straight on the canvas with a palette knife and spread either with a credit card or use a fan brush.

• To smooth out the surface you can again use fan brush, dip it in water and drag it across the surface at an angle to smooth it down.

• Let dry completely overnight before painting on the surface.


Matte painting medium

The two remaining canvases need to be covered with matte medium. Use a fan brush to cover the entire surface in one coat of medium and leave to dry.






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