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The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears

- Dan Stevens

Z is for Zones: comfort zones and creative zones to be precise.

At the end of this month long Creative Leap course journey, I would like to give you a summary of the different daily projects done over the last month. The emphasis is on creativity as opposed to a full-blown art course with more attention to materials, methods and techniques

Here follows a a reminder of the different projects based on the alphabet and the aim or purpose of each of them.

A - Asemic Writing: Creating shapes, mark making and drawing warming up.

B – Bugs: Letter shape-based drawings, creative problem solving exercise.

C - Copy: Using carbon paper. Mark making and blind drawing.

D - Design: Letter focused to create new repeat shapes. Drawing and creative problem solving project.

E - Expression: Letters-based, to create a variety of faces. Drawing creative problem solving project.

F - Fish: Letter focused to create fish shapes, Creative problem solving.

G – Grass: An observation and drawing project.

H – Happy Place: A 3D creation of a miniature chair in an ideal setting. Imagination and mindfulness exercise.

I – Imagination: Create a collage from the owl shaped drawing provided. Shape and creative problem solving project.

J – Jewel Colours: A colour-focused project, create a selection of colours within a gem shape. Art medium and mindfulness focused project.

K- Kitchen: Drawing project using limited resources as inspiration. An observation and drawing project.

L – Loopy Letters: Shapes and imagination focused project.

M – Mandala: Using letters to create a decorative circular patterned design. Imagination and techniques focused project.

N - Numbers and Neutral: A colour and limited resources and observation project focused on finding and altering shapes by cutting and creating a simple collage.

O - Orbicular: Circular shapes in design. Observation, repetition and exploring simple printing as creating technique.

P – Pattern and Printing: Observation and creative process explored by using a variety of materials to print using high flow acrylic ink.

Q – Quality and Quantity: Quick marks through printing to create a variety of repeat patterns.

R – Resourcefulness, Repetition: A mindfulness and creativity-focused project.

S – Shadows: An observation and creative resource project. Photographing shadows in different settings.

T – 3d: Observation and drawing focused.

U – Unique and Universal: An observation, drawing and creativity-focused project

about finding creative inspiration from a variety of sources.

V – Verse: Simple word-based project. Limited resources, creative problem solving.

W – Words: A drawing-based project using letters to create a landscape, then creating tree shapes from letters. Creative problem solving using drawing and suitable materials.

X – X Marks the Spot: X in design. imagination and resourcefulness project.

Y – You: A mindfulness project to review the previous four week’s projects. Creating a artwork or drawing incorporating a motto or using a phrase to inspire you on your creative journey.

Z: Zones: Summary of Creative Leap and another reminder that learning happens outside of our comfort zone.

As an artist, you want to stretch. That’s the only way you’re going to grow. If I stay inside my comfort zone, do roles that I’ve done before, then I’m never going to get better as an artist.

- Jurnee Smollett

Finally, thanks again for taking this alternative art course and please stay in touch via our Facebook page, which will remain open indefinitely.

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