Y is for...

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

- Dr Seuss”

Y is for You

Today’s project focuses on YOU. “Y” is for you, stop for a minute and reflect back on the previous four weeks’ creative journey. Review what you have created, discovered or revisited in the projects, maybe make notes of what you liked, found challenging, do not care to repeat or want to do more of.

Did you discover anything new that you would like to develop further? This could be a technique, style, or ideas, colour combinations or a variety of things? It could be big and profound or just small but significant to you. It is a wonderful result to have discovered a few new ways to observe and see or to connect with the world around you, or to have a renewed interest in your drawing style, It will be different for each one individually. We are all on our own creative journey, regardless of our experience as artist.

As mentioned, there might be mini projects that you really did not enjoy doing, where you felt either pushed too far out of your comfort zone, or where they simply just did not suit your style. This is fine; it is a good thing in fact, and you cannot expect yourself to like every assignment in the same way. This also helps to make decisions about the direction you want your work to move towards. It is good to reason with yourself on why you did not like the assignment, or found it hard to do.

Drawing is very important in any artists practice; it might be that some of the projects inspired you to include this into a regular routine again.

The journey continues. After a lapse of twenty five years I started doing life drawing classes again a while back, a wonderful discipline and worth making time to do this to improve observation and drawing skills. Even though I am not a figurative painter, I value this activity.

Mini Project

Note to self: A simple but important assignment.

At the end of this class, the project its to write a motto, sentence, phrase, manifesto or a few words to yourself as inspiration, reminder, or reward. Write or draw a note to yourself in any style or way you want to. The project could be done in a variety of mediums, as part of an artwork, or in your sketchbook. Have a look at this link and find a phrase or quote that appeals to you, or you need to be reminded of.

Use some of the techniques learnt, this project is linked to Project H (H is for Happy Place) in a way. It’s also a mindfulness exercise.


Finally since we are on the topic of You.

From me to you, thank you so much for doing this alternative art course. I really enjoyed to see how everyone responded individually to the different projects. My sincere wish is that you have found a few sparks of inspiration to spur you on, some ideas to nudge you out of your comfort zone or a few tugs into a new directions and pursuits.

Enjoy your creativity; it is a wonderful gift. Namaste

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