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X is for...

April 1, 2017

There’s only X amount of time. You can do whatever you want with that time. It’s your time.

- Lou Reed


X is for X Marks the Spot, Xyloglyphy and Xiphosuran.

Xyloglyphy: Woodcarving

Xiphosuran: Horseshoe crab - this has nothing to do with the project, but it is an extraordinary animal with blue blood.


Project X

Today's project is inspired by the X-shape as form.



X as a Design

The shape is a strong one in design in particular. Depending on the rotation, the shape is a plus as well as a crossing out kind of shape (multiplication) and has symbolic values.


Have a look at the link below for inspiration and ideas. How will you use this shape in your artwork or design to make it suit you? Draw a pattern and play with the cross and plus shape, a bit like a game of naughts and crosses. It is helpful to keep the colours simple, work with scale and marks.


There are two examples of how I used the X-shape. One is an abstract drawing and collage, the other is a stylised meadow scene.




This Pinterest board is not about X-shapes, but there are some bold and beautiful sculptural shapes in these jewellery pieces. I find jewellery hugely inspirational:



You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media




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