S is for...

All shadows whisper of the sun.

- Emanuel Carnevali

S is for Shadows and Shading

Today’s project is about observation: observing shadows to be precise.

After the week’s attention to colour, shapes, printing and layers, we are focusing on something different today. Shadows and shading are important aspects of art to indicated depth and dimension. Shadows are everywhere, regardless of the time of day. Any light source will create a shadow from an object that is placed in its way.

Mini Project

Requirements: A smart phone or camera of any description, pencil and sketchbook or paper.

Throughout the day lookout for shadows: on a walk, in your home and in different locations. Take photos of these shadows, take note of the shapes and distortions of the original objects the shadow is cast of. This is an awareness exercise, be aware of what is around you, the variety in shapes and muted tones. Take at least ten photos of shadows. Create your own, create some experiments using an electric light, a flame, even the light of your phone.

If you have time, create some drawings of the shapes of the shadows. Can you come up with interesting and unusual shapes?

Here’s a link for some inspiration:


You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media.

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