Q is for...

I must have a prodigious quantity of mind; it takes me as much as a week sometimes to make it up.

- Mark Twain

Q is for Quantity, Quality and Quarrelet.

Quantity and Quality: Pertaining to printing techniques, making more marks and interesting shapes in different colours, developing richer areas.

Quarrelet: A small square shape… useful to create a printing pattern.

For today’s project we will continue the focus on simple printmaking techniques using high flow or acrylic ink. In addition to the basic shapes, more marks and layers are added to develop it into areas to become more intricate. Take your time to experiment. Print with a variety of colours and shapes to develop the artwork in different ways. Mini Project By using the same techniques as explained in Project P, continue to explore with more colours and shapes for printing. Use watercolour paper for printing. If would like to experiment on a different surface, you could do more layers if you work on a canvas. Between layers of print shapes, acrylic painting medium and a SMALL DROP of colour could be painted over an area that’s been printed to play with translucency and layering.

Tip: The layers need to be very thin.

Objectives Getting comfortable with the use of the simple printing materials, explore colours and shapes in directions you enjoy.

Here’s today’s shape inspirations: http://uk.pinterest.com/estemacleod/basic-patterns-and-simple-printed-shapes/

You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media.

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