P is for...

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

- Terry Tempest Williams

P is for Pattern, Printing and Philocaly.

Pattern: Any regularly repeated arrangement, especially a design made from repeated lines, shapes, or colour on a surface. The world is filled by patterns both natural and manmade.

Printing: For the next few days we will be playing with printing, starting off with simple techniques and exploring from there.

Philocaly: A word meaning the love of beauty.

Mini Project

For this project you will need watercolour paper or thick cartridge paper. You can also use canvas once you have tried it out. For the printing you will need a cardboard cylinder, like a loo roll or kitchen roll, and some vegetables to cut up and print with - I like to use carrot, potato and celery or rhubarb for printing.

Today’s project is about simple printing techniques. Starting with round shapes created with the cardboard roll.


Work on a medium paper sheet. Using the tube and high flow ink, print a selection of circles - you can alter the circles and create a variety of shapes by bending the tube. Add a few drops of water to get a more watercolour effect. Explore this simple shape and if you like, add some more shapes that are not circular. The pattern aspect is good to keep in mind. Create multiple round shapes then treat their interiors differently by dividing them into segments or circles or different shapes. Please take a look at the video for ideas.

Here is a link for some additional inspiration.


You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media.

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