O is for...

Never, never rest contented with any circle of ideas, but always be certain that a wider one is still possible.

- Pearl Bailey

O is for Orbicular, Oval and Ooidal.

Orbicular means round, circular or spherical shapes, similar to the letter O. Along with oval shapes, and ooidal, or egg shapes, today’s project is about roundish shapes.

Today you’re to look for round shapes throughout the day. You can document these, take photos or make drawings of round things that catch your eyes. Round shapes are everywhere, plates, mugs, bottles etc. Finding shapes: these do not need to be perfectly round, think about pebbles and plant leaves, petals, fruit and so forth. So oval, egg and other spherical shapes are all good.


Continuing with the number nine as design formation, create some round shapes by drawing, painting or collage. If you create a collage you can use a variety of materials, including painted tissue paper sheets.


This is up to you, use your favourite colours but incorporate some neutral colours and pay attention to balance. Think of ways to make these round shapes interesting: you can create segments or contours, textures and so forth.

Vary the size and dimensions and alter the shapes to make this suit your own style. If you feel like a more dynamic image or feel inspired to create a more complex picture rather than the repeat design of nine shapes, feel free to explore it further or adapt it to create a different composition.


A very simple round shape can be used in so many ways. Adapt and use it in your own way. Reflect on the use of colour and how round shapes are used in your own art.

Here's a Pinterest page for inspiration:


You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media.

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