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Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour

― William Cowper

K is for Kitchen, Kakorrhaphiophobia (the fear of failure) and Key

K is today’s letter and the word ‘kitchen’ is the link for today’s project. Kakorrhaphiophobia is something most of us would have experienced in a kitchen on a few occasions and is the reason why I have not yet attempted to make a soufflé (amongst several other complicated dishes).

Key: the keys to discovery come in all kinds of guises. Very often in the last place you might think to look, often by accident and as you are working on something unrelated, you will find ideas forming in your head. It is good to be aware of this, as inspiration can really be found in many unexpected places.

So, with kitchen as inspiration where do you begin? Today I want to leave this up to you - to find inspiration in your own kitchen. Is there anything that springs to mind as you stand in this space? Do you have a favourite mug, an important utensil, interesting food packaging or condiments that stand out? Once you start to think of it, you will realise that kitchens are goldmines filled with wonderful possibilities.

Open your fridge, what is in the vegetable drawer? Take the humble onion, slice it and marvel at the beautiful rings. A bell pepper or courgette, nuts and lentils, have a look at the shapes of these items. Cut a few slices, have a closer look at the beautiful patterns.

Is there an interesting vegetable or fruit in your kitchen local to where on our planet you live or the season?

What inspires me from my own kitchen? For one, I love spoons. I have a collection of dozens of hallmarked sterling silver spoons dating back to the 1700s. This humble kitchen tool is in principle the same as it had been for centuries. I find the shape inspiring.

As you can see, once you start to think about it you will find a vast selection of inspiring objects to work with.

Mini Project

Find an object or a collection of objects and draw it in two ways (i.e. two different kinds of materials, for instance a dip pen for one drawing, and felt tip or brush for another).


Make an interesting composition from something that you cut up and rearrange to create a pattern or design (suitable for grains, legumes, nuts etc.) Take a photo of this arrangement, or use it as inspiration for a drawing or artwork depending on time.


To look and observe with fresh eyes is the aim of today’s simple mini-project. Whilst you are eating, try noticing what you’re eating. Look at the shapes of the air pockets in a slice of bread, the beautiful segments found in a lemon. Look closely at the texture and shapes of fruit and vegetables, the shapes of the seeds. Beauty is all around you, be inspired!

Some inspiration relating to food and kitchens:


For more inspiration have a look at this wonderful site with beautiful recipe illustrations:


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