H is for...

The home should be the treasure chest of living.

- Le Corbusier

H is for Home, House and Happy Place

Today’s project is inspired by the place we call home, the house we live in. Our homes: each unique, filled with items we need and shared with those who we care for. It plays an important role in our daily lives. Home sweet home, where we hang our hat, is where the heart is etc.

Taking inspiration from this important aspect of our lives, today we focus also on something that is a bit more introspective and mindful. The mini-project is about someplace we like to be, even if this is in our minds, I’d like to call it our happy place.

Happy places! Where or what is your happy place? This will mean something altogether different to each of us. Ponder it for a bit. Your happy place is basically a state of mind but it could also be linked to a physical place.

Could this be in your home? The company of family, a pet, a space in your garden, your kitchen, preparing food for loved ones, a book, a smell, a routine like yoga or maybe bath-time? Is your happy place somewhere in your head, a space or a place in a daydream?

For today’s project you are going to construct a little chair, this will be a prop to be used in a miniature setting. The process will be explained in the short video. You will need a toilet or kitchen roll, a craft knife and scissors, glue, white acrylic paint, a medium to large sheet of watercolour or heavy cartridge paper and some paint, watercolour or acrylic ink.

Mini Project

Creating a happy place! By following the instructions in the video, create a small chair from the cardboard roll. You can improvise and make the design more individualistic. The basic look is that of a kitchen chair. Creating the seat might take a little time and you will have to glue it and leave it to dry.

Once you have constructed your dolls house sized chair you are ready for the next step. What can you do with your little creation? You are going to give it a room.


By reflecting on what you consider to be your happy place, include a component of this in the “room” you will place your chair in. The room is the piece of paper positioned in a curved way to create a backdrop. This is a room with a window. What is the size of the window, what is it looking out onto? Is this an imaginary space, a holiday destination, a particular season, time of day, does it involve nature? Is it even on this planet? Is this room in a house? What else is in the room? Are there clues to what it is that makes you happy? If your happy place involves people or pets, how will they be represented? Names of people can be written in a small book or paper that is placed on the chair? You can be literal or use your room and chair as a physical example of this happy place.

Is this a fantasy place that can change? Create what comes to mind. Paint the chair or room in a colour you love, make it indicative of something you hold dear, a place you would love to spend time in.

Enjoy this little process of introspective discovery; play and dream and think about what is important to you.

You're welcome to share your outcomes in the group’s Facebook page. Please don't post course material or outcomes to to other public Internet sites or to social media.

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